Hello From Dungog

Dungog Country

The collection of historic villages of Dungog, Paterson, Vacy, Gresford and Clarence Town lie in the cattle-growing valleys of the high water tributaries of the Hunter River, just below the Barrington Tops National Park. Ideal for fresh air holidays, the pure rivers which rise in the Barringtons are peppered with natural swimming holes. This part of the high Hunter is perfect for cycling, hiking, horseriding, swimming or simply chilling out in the rain forests for a while. Dungog is just two and a half hours drive from Sydney or a direct train link on the XPT and is the natural stepping-off point for the southern gateway to the Barrington Tops.

In this necklace of five villages joined by winding country roads with spectacular views (great for motor bikes too), you’ll find a plethora of local markets, antique stores and cafes to wile away the hours. It’s also prime festival country, most times of year, so look for which festival is on while you’re there. There is accommodation in the villages, there are plenty of camping facilities, a number of farmstays or you can reach further into the wilderness to find resorts buried in the rainforests.

Most accommodation houses have their own websites, so simply search for what you need on any one of the popular accommodation search engines: Stayz or Airbnb or Trivago or your own favourite. You can also contact the Dungog Visitor Information Centre on 02 4992 2212 or see their website at www.visitdungog.com.au.

Dungog Festival Board

The Dungog Arts Foundation is a company limited by guarantee with a governing board who retains control over fiscal and governance issues for the Festival. The ownership of the Dungog Festival is to forever remain in community hands. Members of the board, all residents of Dungog Shire, are purely honorary and may not receive any benefit, financial or otherwise, from their positions as board members.

Jamie Alison, businessman farmer, ex-Dairy Farmers Cooperative board member, and a member of one of Dungog’s oldest farming families.

Managing Director:
Tracy Norman, with extensive experience in SME businesses, and the owner and operator of Dungog’s entertainment venue, The Settlers Arms.

Other board members:
Felix Prentice, long-time respected lawyer and resident of Dungog, with specialist knowledge for the legal issues of the company.

Michael Atkins, Chartered Accountant at Hunter Valley based Accountancy Firm Addison Partners, President of Dungog Soccer Club with specialist knowledge for the fiscal issues of the company.

Nancy Knudsen, a ‘tree-changer’ author, with a career background in film, television and tourism, also an experienced business entrepreneur, a long-time owner and CEO of an Australian public company.