Find out how to get involved and become a Volunteer.

Dungog Arts Foundation invites you to volunteer for this year’s festival. The Dungog Festival is on October 4th-7th. We are searching for talent and collaborators to fill key Organisational Volunteers and General Volunteers roles.

As a volunteer, you get to enjoy Dungog Festival from the ‘inside’, know you are ‘giving back’ to the community and enjoy the company of friends both new and old in a worthwhile endeavour.

The key events we are looking for volunteers for include:

  • Long Table Dinner
  • Gala Street Parade
  • Sunday Street Party
  • Information desk and ticketing

Skills and capabilities we seek:

Areas available to volunteer in:

  • Festival Lounge – customer service, ticket sales.
  • Event staging – assist with décor and event set up
  • Promotions – Signage installation, posters, flags, bunting, marketing distribution to areas inside and outside the region etc.
  • Customer Service – Assist in the Festival Lounge with enquiries, ticket sales, ticket handout, preparing passes including leading up to as well as during the Festival in the Festival Lounge
  • Artist Management – preparing for and looking after the artists (some experience required) Assisting the production crew – e.g. assembling and collapsing event sites
  • Waste management – general clean-up of event sites and waste removal
  • Bump in and bump out – Setting up event site and clearing after the event (gloves required)
  • Market Research – Conduct visitor surveys, crowd counting.

These roles should not be greatly time-consuming, but will require some concentrated time in the month prior to the Festival. There are other roles as well, dependent on the amount of time you have. There is always a team of volunteers working as Organisational Volunteers and, from past experience, these types of roles are very rewarding. This is a community Festival, meant to benefit our community. We welcome as wide a participation as possible.

If you are one of the many new residents to the Shire (“Blow-ins” as the locals affectionately say), it’s a great way to meet people and make strong connections to our community.

If you are a “Local” it’s an amazing opportunity to share all the things you love about Dungog and help showcase the best the old girl can be.

We are also looking for support volunteers to help during each of our Core Events and with Partner Events, if you are interested in volunteering in any capacity, get in touch & email us at

We would love you to represent the community
at this year’s festival as a volunteer.