Write That Script!

Start writing that script you have burning up inside you, get a toolbox full of great tips and hints, and develop a scene in this script-writing adventure. 

Who’s it for? Anyone from beginner to rank professional, with a screen concept including short film, feature film, TV series, web series …

Award-winning filmmaker John O’Brien will take you on a journey from the idea through the outline, premise, structure, characters, dramatic questions and dialogue. And much more! Learn ways to explore your idea, learn what makes a scene work (and what doesn’t), and what the next steps are to get a film or TV series made. There will be war stories and secrets, the genetics of genre, industry pointers, and lots of exercises so don’t forget your laptop or pen & paper.

Explore your inner creator, learn to let go of ideas and find new ones, battle demons and marry the princess or prince at the end. Or not! We’ll also watch a few shorts and scenes.

Go to the next stage: hear it read. Six weeks later, as a special treat, you can hear your draft read by actors at the Dungog Art Trail in late November 2018 (full short scripts and excerpts of longer ones, if suitable). Participation is not mandatory though!

To get there, you’ll undertake three short, non-compulsory lessons over the World Wide Superwebway in your own time (Details provided once booking is confirmed). These will get you going on:

  • Your story premise,
  • Your start, middle and endpoints – for your characters and audience,
  • Your pitch or logline.

You’ll bring your premise, logline and draft pitch to the face-to-face workshop on 29 September. What the hell are those things? Don’t worry, they’re pretty easy, and not compulsory.

Do you need to have an idea? No. In this workshop you can: bring your own script idea to class; develop an original idea throughout the class; collaborate with another student; or get an assignment from John. Are the prep lessons compulsory? We think they will really set the stage but you will still get tonnes from this workshop if you don’t manage to do them. 

“Write That Script” will be a nurturing happy gang of co-conspirators, providing good feedback and having fun.

About the trainer: Award-winning filmmaker John O’Brien has written shorts that have appeared in most of the world’s top short film festivals. He has won awards for several of them. He’s written TV series, telemovies, feature films, and even a short animation about brain injury. He lives in Dungog Shire with his nice family.

Organised by: John O’Brien with CASP funding for Dungog Festival

Dungog Uniting Church Hall,
246 Dowling St, DUNGOG

Online classes available when you book &
4-hour face-to-face workshop at the Festival,
Saturday, 29 September 2018

9.15 am to 1.15 pm

$25:00 +
$2.00 Booking fee
Total $27.00

There will be a further small fee to participate in the reading.